Need a cool brand name, these brand name and word tools can help.

1. Free naming tools from
Wordlab is all about creative solutions and brainstorming, the opening of minds and blocked nasal passages. They provide various Wordlab naming tools that may or may not be the end of all your company or product naming woes, but are fun, and for the Oddpodz team, have inspired a flood of good naming ideas.

The Drug-O-Matic brings the power of the big pharmaceutical companies to you, the little guy. There are currently over 9.3 million potential drug names lurking within this little apothecary’s monster.

Name Builder
Use this handy tool to jump start your naming process. Over 340,000 possible combinations and counting.

Morpheme Machine
For all you cunning linguists out there suffering from acute morpheme addiction. A morpheme is a meaningful linguistic unit consisting of a word or word element that cannot be divided into smaller meaningful parts, and we cram them together in over 151,000 ways in our little machine.

The ACME Namemaker
When you don’t want to stand out from the crowd, here are over 26,000 ways to blend in quite nicely.

Cost: FREE