Feedbooks is a universal e-reading platform compatible with all your mobile devices—it can work with your Kindle, iPhone, iPod, or PDA.  Feedbooks’ name derives from RSS feeds, but also means a “hunger for books.”  For online and portable reading, Feedbooks is the place to start.  Another great feature Feedbooks offers is that you can convert any RSS feed into a PDF or Mobipocket file that you can transfer to your portable reading device, save on your hard drive, or print out to read later.  With Feedbooks huge library of free eBooks, you can download an entire library’s worth of writings, holding it in the palm of your hand.

Cost: FREE

Oddpodz Review: Feedbooks boasts a huge library of free downloadable eBooks in a high quality format.   There are thousands of public domain and creative commons works, made easy to find by Feedbooks’ guide and search functions—or you can just browse my most popular, most recent, author or subject.  But the RSS to PDF tool is what’s really great here, as you can now take many of your favorite blogs with you or read them offline.