The Brain Tattoo Branding approach

Brain Tattoo Branding is a collaborative process lead by Karen Post and a team of business experts. Together they work with client personnel to produce results aligned with the business’ objectives. This rich mix of talent inks new thinking, cleans up outdated practices and evolves an organization’s branding assets and touch points to advance their success. Branding programs often address diverse audiences from stakeholders like employees to investors to customers and community influencers.

Our work follows these guiding principles:

Branding is not a single graphic icon or tagline. It is the sum of everything an entity does: how it behaves, how it thinks, how it treats the marketplace, and how it delivers value to the buyer. Great branding is about living a clear purpose, connecting with relevance, being distinct, having a human-like personality, and delivering on a promise.

We push the limits of possibilities and empower new thinking.

We believe sustainable, super brands happen when leaders demonstrate courage, move from their comfort zone, invest in long-term strategies and commit resources to an execution plan with of critical frequency and duration.

If you are looking for fresh branding insight, thought leadership and methods to add sustainability business value… We should talk.


Before a brand can know where it’s headed, it must clearly understand the players, the environment, the marketplace, the trends, current public opinion and its awareness matrix. Brain Tattoo Branding works with companies to assess brand identity and reputation situations, equity and discover new opportunities through a multitude of quantitative and qualitative research methods and analysis including: buyer insight studies, polls, focus groups, touch point audits, mystery shopping and one on one interviews.
The single most important piece of any branding project is the strategy. What behavioral actions and attitudes need to be introduced, changed or embraced? How will the offering be positioned? The Brain Tattoo team is often engaged to drive and facilitate this vital development or we can work in conjunction with others to collaborate strategic planning and sessions.
Meaningful brands are the result of dialogue, interactions and trusted relationships with the market. Brand Tattoo Branding helps organizations identify the best opportunities for branded engagement whether it be an online user experiences, in-store events, call center messaging, retail environments, customer service or all of these. Our team creates effective engagement solutions leveraging strategic content, sensory experiences, technology and the human interaction.Brand experience/engagement programs can include:

  • Buyer insight research
  • Touch point audits and enhancement
  • Environment developments
  • Way finding
  • Online user experiences
  • Merchandising and displays
  • Special events
  • Contests
Humans garner lasting impressions and form opinions about brands by what they see first. Visual communications account for 90% of the judgment and associations concerning products, organizations and personalities. Today, design in business is a pivotal component the branding process. Brain Tattoo Branding has a team of experienced and diverse industry designers who help shape brands with images and messages. We are design specialists. We create visual stories through compelling icons, thoughtful typography and strategic style. We help our clients’ manage their brand identities by producing branding standards manuals and training and usage tools.Brand identity programs can include:

  • Buyer insight research
  • Brand audits and strategic brand development
  • Name, tagline and brand language development
  • Identity programs and protection systems
  • Rebranding programs and creative services
  • Internal branding initiatives (manuals, training, communication)
Effective, sustainable brands are the by-product of consistent, strategic marketing and communications both on and offline.We design and execute comprehensive programs that can include:

  • Marketing/communications plan development
  • Facilitation of internal marketing planning meetings
  • Social media management and training (blogging and microblogging, brand
  • monitoring and creating internal protocols)
  • Web site development
  • Online marketing
  • Advertising
  • Direct marketing
  • Tradeshow marketing
  • Digital presentations
  • Brand launches
  • Keynotes, training, speaking and brand planning facilitation
  • Public affairs, media relations, crisis PR, media training

Our team has worked on many controversial and high stake projects both in corporate communications and in litigation support. We have trained CEOs and top leadership after a crisis situation, during high profile investigations, congressional hearings and when public opinion concerning their organization was at an all time low.

Our branding programs impact business by:

Lowering employee recruitment costs and turnover

Attract and retain the best talent.

Raising visibility, producing top-of-mind awareness

Marketing becomes more efficient.

Defining and communicating a brand distinction

Distinction commands higher prices, better margins.

Reducing customer acquisition cost

Current customers can be retained and grown.

Increasing customer loyalty and spending

Revenues per customer increase, brand extension opportunities become more feasible.

Positioning clients as experts in their fields

Customers trust your brand and their buying decision becomes easier.