Where have we been? We have been consumed with our managing our fantasy football teams – and we are getting killed, but we wanted to re-enter the land of the blogging! With a whole DAY of football coming up this Thursday we thought we would share Part II of the worst mascots ever.

Without further ado…..

by Abram Sauer

We’ve been to an intenational design summit, so as promised in our previous lament about the increase in meaningless pro team names, we give you the first installment of the Worst Team Logos Hall of Fame.

This week we select from the AFC’s 16 teams.

New England Patriots As vaguely unspecific as the geographic area it claims as its hometown, the Pats’ logo is like Tom Brady — inoffensive and blandly inspiring, the logo you’d take home to meet mom after you’re ready to settle down. All the just-out-of-design-institute signs are here: Sweeping motion to give the logo the look of forward motion? Check. “Patriotic” colors reminiscent of the (patrioticacal) American flag? Check. Stone-faced visage implying strength, stoicism and wisdom? Check. Absence of inspiration? Check.
Vs. Old Logo: abandoned in 1993, the old Patriot was cartoony but so much cooler.

Jacksonville Jaguars So did the wild cat eat a blue Fla-vor-ice? Are Jaguars even indigenous to Florida? Or is this one of those Florida retirement community older-ladies-hunt-younger-men “cougar” things? What’s not wrong with this logo?
Vs. Old Logo: NA

Miami Dolphins
Actually, we love this logo. It’s just some good nature ribbing about a dolphin wearing a helmet. Flipper may be tougher than Culpepper though.
Vs. Old Logo: It’s always been the same.

Houston Texans
See the New England Patriots above. It wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if the Texans had this done for $70 in 48 hours at TheLogoLoft.com. They have made worse decisions (See, especially: Reggie Bush draft 2006).
Vs. Old Logo: NA

Tennessee TitansSpeaking of Houston – The Titans have to have the laziest logo in the AFC. Instead of even trying to come up with an image that would symbolize a Titan, the Nashville-based org. just went with a “T,” the equivalent of the Steelers using an “S” or the Jets a “J.”
Vs. Old Logo: When the team first moved from Houston they were still the Oilers with a supremely cool oil derrick

There is another theory, though it requires giving a lot of credit to Titan fan intelligence. The flaming “T” may symbolize the Titan Prometheus’ theft, and subsequent gift to humans, of fire. If this is the case, well, it’s still a lame “T.” We would suggest something a little more Titany. (Apologies to FTD.)

Up next, the AFC. (Yeah, that’s you Carolina.)