Saturday, April 22, is World Water Day, “an international day of observance and action to draw attention to the plight of those without access to safe drinking water.” This year’s theme, Sanitation!

NPR of course has been all up in the hizzat this week about it with Science Froday host Ira Flatow quite literally, maybe, peeing his pants about the devastating prospects of an almost guaranteed global water shortage. (Hey Ira, treat that spill and it’s potable!).

The future global water situation is something you better just ignore because it. is. horrific. That whole Darfur thing George Clooney keeps getting his handsome undies in a bunch about between robbing Las Vegas casinos with Mr. Jolie? Yep, all started because of water. And it’s only going to get worse. Read about it if you must (we recommend against it because, IT’S SATURDAY! Ugh.)

But seriously, you ask, what can I do how can I get rich off this?

Well, Ira probably recommends that you do something like become a vegetarian, don’t flush and/or stop having a lawn. The problem with this is that, like all other precious commodity markets, somebody else will just use more, in effect, drinking up all your milkshake (I’m looking at you, Georgia.). So what you can do to help AND maybe enrich yourself in the process? Invest.

Siemens just opened its new Global Water Research and Development Center in Singapore.

Here’s Google Finance on “water.”

Water Stocks is a clearing house with directories of publicly traded water companies. There’s a lot of info there and it might seem a little daunting but it will be worth it. If you get confused just invest in ANY of these companies; they’ll all probably be the next Exxon.

Or navigate over to them via their awesome because it’s true URL:

Then someday you can cash in and use the profits to buy $850-a-barrel “reclaimed toilet sewage” Evian.