Happy delayed Thanksgiving! After this holiday, the O-team keeps on giving- advices and freebies are on the menu. Here is what you’ve missed these pasts few weeks:

1 – In 3 Free Twitter account management tools, Lauren Angrick gives us three useful applications that will make your Twitter experience easier. TweetDeck, Hootsuite and CoTweet get Lauren’s attention, what gets yours? Check Lauren’s selection here.

2 – In Hiring a coach is a waste of money, unless you show up, Karen Post shares her experience on how to choose a good coach. We all have to go through periods of doubts. And at times, buying the services of a professional adds great value to your business. See what you have to look for in a coach according to Karen here.

3 – In 5 promotional ideas to earn serious visibility for your venture, Karen talks about visibility and the impacts it can have on your business. She lists 5 ideas that you will get inspiration from. Therefore, get inspired reading Karen’s post here.

4 – When having a Mind freeze, is there a fast way to thaw your thoughts? In this article, Karen Post wants to know! Her weekend procrastination gave her stress, guilt and an excellent read on high-level creative thinking. To read this article and more, click here.

5 – Can a monkey make our mail better? We think so! And hope you like our new look. Since Oddpodz decided to switch email services, we’d love to hear your feedback. Sign up here to see our new switch and you will also receive a free eBook. For more monkey business, click here.

We hope you enjoyed this content. Stay tuned.