Before you continue reading this post, I must first add this disclaimer. I have not, and probably never will, claim to be a fashion guru. But, occasionally I come across a fun fashion tidbit, and this is one of these cases.

When I think of couture, I think of impossible dresses which may be fun to look at but have approximately zero relevance or use in my life. So, really, it has never been something that I think about, except perhaps as a diversion if there is something else of actual import that I should be taking care of. You know how that goes.

That is, until I came across this limited edition line of Target Couture. That’s right. Jayne Hersh at Shop Intuition got some hot LA designers (as they claim on their site) together to create a line of couture for real Target lovers. I suppose they are doing their part to add to the perception of Target as the “high-class” big box retailer. Now there is some brand story success. And besides, who hasn’t thought, wow, I wish I could find that Pave Swarovski Crystals Double Mirror Compact ($220) to go with my Target Couture Jeweled Purse Charm ($42).

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