Those words explain my adventure today. I’m in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia addressing nearly 300 airline personnel on why branding is important and how to best do it in the aviation sector.

In the last 24 hours, I experienced everything from from being whisked up by the coolest Bentley cars I’ve ever seen, (straight off the runway tarmac), to sipping tea in the gold lined VIP lounge and then meeting with 12 male airline executives, (me being the only female insight). It was a feeling of amazement, that I’m here, proud, that they selected me, a women, and still a little scared as horns and fire crackers loudly blare outside my widow. Thank God, they moved me up from the first floor. Not sure if this is normal or a riot starting.

Just returned to my room after a wonderful meal of Mediterranean flavors, now checking email and guess who contacted me? One of the producers at Nightline. They are doing a segment on KFC’s new tagline and wanted me on their show. Timing is everything. I won’t be back in NYC until Tues. They are shooting on Monday. Oh well, next time. At least they knew to call me. Want some tips so they call you? Check out my publicity Ta-do list.

And my last highlight of the day, my former husband’s niece made this unbelievable movie on how she’s holding out on marriage, until she’s got a job.  She’s five years old. This inspirational story has gone viral. We all should embrace such confidence and conviction and not do anything until all the other ducks are in a row with real purpose. Go Ashley!!!