In less than 9 hours, I will be on a new world stage presenting the concept of branding to over 300 Saudi executives and their team members. I’ll be addressing the changing market place, social media, storytelling and creating lasting customer experiences.

The production will be beyond grand. I suspect no expense has been spared, from an elaborate stage, to all white seating, lights and more. The behind the scenes team include translators, videographers, stage production crew and writers. Plus, a professional master of ceremonies will be on stage with me, while I’m speaking, to ensure nothing goes off course or off message. Today, all the speakers did run throughs, were interviewed and fully prepped on what to convey and what not to say.

All speakers were also asked to submit the three most important points from their presentation. Here are mine.

Brands are:
• Critical for success, competitors are doing it, if you don’t do it, you will be invisible.
• The brand result is a picture you earn in the market’s mind. Deliver the right picture with new mindset.
• Tell your story better, louder & with extreme consistently.
Start from the inside out.

Am I nervous? That might not be the best descriptive word to fully state my emotions. I wish I had some Pepto-Bismol® right now.

Am I prepared and ready to do my very best? Absolutely!

More tomorrow after my talk. I have to go to bed early, rest and get fully energized. To follow my entire trip also check out the Oddpodz Grow your Business Blog as I chronicle other issues there.

Here are some of the awesome women from Entourage Marketing and Events who are producing the conference.

Production team in Saudi

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