Are you looking for a little soft billboard buzz for your business or favorite project? Why not try a custom skin from a very awesome company in Seattle called Schtickers. They print peel-on-peel-off skins for laptops, ipads, phones and ipods.

Order from their designs or send them your custom art to promote your brand. I just ordered three for the Brand Turnaround book marketing team. They are not expensive, under $50, and they ship in two days. This is a great way to stir up some great (word of mouth) conversation at your favorite coffee shop. Here’s  Lauren at Nola’s on Platt Street in Tampa.

mini billboards for laptop to market your biz

If that’s not cool enough, they also make peel off wall skins in a bunch of fun designs. Here’s an instant blackboard to capture your big ideas.

mini peel off black boards by schtickers

The product is fun and flexible. They are great gifts too. Plus, their customer service is top shelf and if you have questions, you can talk to real live person like Leslie, the founder of Schtickers.