As promised every Saturday I’m going to recognize someone who deserves a little extra attention for his or her good deed, creative solution, witty comment or meaningful act of customer love.

This week my hat goes off to call center person at Federal Express.
I’ve been a customer there for years and they do a great job of getting my packages delivered. But recently, I’ve been getting a little cranky because I have to call them every month to straighten out my balance. This happens because I often over pay my account when I’m on the road and I don’t have my invoice in front of me, but I know I owe them something. I have a very good memory for numbers, I just have a habit of rounding them off, so I over pay by a few bucks. Consequently, they are always sending me a check back. This somehow messes up balance due. And then they send me an assertive note saying I’m behind, when in my mind, I’m ahead.

Many companies would tell me that I have to follow their system or I’ll keep getting checks back and demand notes for 2 bucks.

Not this nice Fed Ex gal, she was empathic, not bureaucratic, and apologized for the hassle. She also told me how much they appreciated my business and called in a supervisor to see how they could correct the situation.

In a few minutes they adjusted a setting on my account and told me I can now make my random, rounded off payments and won’t have to call Fed Ex every month to straighten out my account.

They got it right.
Their phone system is easy to use to get a live person, (just hit #0) and does not require taking a muscle relaxer to stay calm like many phone trees do. The Fed Ex staffer was very pleasant. She listened. She showed gratitude and came up with a fast solution. And it was obvious; well trained too. My kind of company, thanks!

How are your company’s problem solving skills on the phone? This is a critical touch point in any brand experience.