Throughout my 25 years in business, one of the most important weapons I’ve used to win business or to solve a problem is information I’ve dug up via research. This info includes: industry stats, info on a company’s background or market opinions. When you have big budget you can find lots of valuable sources to get the good stuff. But what do you do if your budget runs dry?

Quick backgrounders on a company.
FREE 7 day trial, easy access to company profiles.
Goliath is The Gale Group, a part of Cengage Learning’s online-business content service, providing global company and industry intelligence to business executives. They provide online access to millions of records including business articles, industry reports, company profiles and executive contacts pulled from business data resources. While they offer comprehensive paid reports and intelligence in a variety of categories, if you need a fast snapshot of a company, their executives, revenues etc. you can sign up for a FREE 7 day trial.

Cost: Zero

Oddpodz review: I was recently pitching a client and needed some background info. This is an old guard firm that did not even have a Web site. Within 5 minutes, I had company’s history, contacts & officers, comparable companies, product & brands, company financials, divisions & subsidiaries and business rankings. A credit card is needed to sign up, however, canceling a subscription was easy and fast. It provided useful and timely information.