Here’s your answer. A FREE online, super simple, personal and secure organizer.
Write down and keep track of anything. Share simple text, lists, and pictures with anyone. Organize in one place, accessible from anywhere. Private and secure and easier than anything else out there. If you are looking for complex, project management this is not the right tool. If you want to get all those notes in one safe place, this is nice solution.

For more complex document sharing and collaboration, we use Google docs. You can upload word docs or spreadsheets, or create them from scratch. You can view, edit and share your work with others anytime, from anywhere. You can choose who can access your documents and share changes in real time. And, your files are stored securely online. It’s not perfect, but it is a great FREE solution for collaboration. We’ve used it on both PCs and Macs and have had better luck with Google Docs using the former.

Cost: Zero

Oddpodz review: Confession time. I’m a list junkie. I’ve been addicted for several decades. I also know they truly help me get more done. Not sure if the satisfaction of crossing things off is part of it, or it simplifies all my stuff. Free memberships give you 20 pages and that’s a lot. Plus you can check it out with out signing up, Amen! If you hate ads and need more sheets, you can upgrade for pennies a day. Plus, you can share your lists, so if you are like me, one who delegates, this interface is so easy a monkey with a low IQ could figure it out.