That’s right, I’m your good friend, I’m a business partner and I am even your customer, but I’m opting out of you ezine mailing list. Because I get too much stuff, and a lot of what I get is light weight and not adding to my world. In fact, it just stresses me out.

Today I opted out of 50 ezines. I, like many of you, and loads of other subscribers, am feeling ezine overwhelmed.

Lose the guilt, don’t feel bad. You cannot afford the time to read every ezine out there.
Even if you are a close friend to the person sending the email, you have no extra time to be opening useless emails. And you, the companies that are sending them, need to ask yourself, it this really worth 30 seconds of brain time? If not, what can you do to make it right?

Here’s the reality. You buy something, download something free, register to be in community and BINGO you are opted in to someone’s list. OK, that’s the system. But after a few communications from them, if they are not making you feel smarter or happier, dump ‘em and opt-out of database dodge.

If you publish an ezine a newsletter, don’t freak out that you may lose a few subscribers. Be happy that those people who really don’t care about what you are saying are no longer polluting your list and hogging space. Now get going on improving your publication’s content, the subject line and visuals so people can’t get through a day without reading your awesome newsletter from top to bottom.

About the author: Karen Post, a.k.a. The Branding Diva® is an international authority on branding, marketing, and entrepreneurial matters. She is has been featured as a business expert in print publications; on TV, radio, and on Web channels. Karen authored the best-selling book Brain Tattoos, Creating Unique Brands That Stick in your Customers’ Minds and she is co-founder and CEO of, an idea engine for creative professionals and business. Her work has benefited large and small organizations in the United States and around the world.