It’s FREE. That’s right, not much feels better than finding FREE, valuable products, services and resources to grow your business, especially when it’s delivered to your inbox.

In today’s competitive economy, FREE is more valuable than ever. Whether you are bootstrapping a start up business, trying to stretch your budget, or simply looking to find the right resources with a “try before you buy” offer, there is nothing better than FREE.

We make FREE biz findz easy, so you can invest your precious time in your business and not waste time digging through search engine results to find valuable offers for products and services to help you be successful.

How will the Oddpodz FREE biz findz work?
We will post new FREE findz every week in our blog. They will include a mix of:

• 100% services, products, best Web sites, ebooks and other learning tools, along with
• carefully selected high-value, low-cost introductory offers that may have small fees associated with them.

We will always clearly label what is 100% FREE and what offers may have a small cost associated with them like shipping.

The Oddpodz team will investigate every single FREE biz find we post and we report on what we think. Have a suggestion for a FREE biz find you’ve experienced? Or do you or your business have something of value you can offer our community that’s FREE? Send us an email at If we think it’s worthy and valuable we’ll add it to our blog.

Our first batch of FREE biz findz will focus on PR, media relations, and publicity (see the post after this one).

Most businesses could benefit from an increased share of media coverage via print ink or broadcast air time and, now, from the global Internet content footprint. This third-party endorsement exposure can add credibility to your brand, generate sales and certainly provide a new stage to tell your story.

A news story mentioning you or your company can be worth a lot. In fact, some companies and professionals get discovered and hit home runs after being featured in the media.