Trip overseas, pack like a pro,

This week I’m headed to two extreme cultures and climates, Manhattan, New York (low 20’s) and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (low 90’s). Both should be an adventure. But to prevent any undo stress, I’m working from a detailed traveler’s checklist.

The trip will not only be long, but it has some unique elements.
My Saudi excursion is a speaking engagement in a country that adheres to very traditional Islam values. This means respecting their code of dress for business women. Women wear an abaya – which is the black floor-length coat associated with Muslim women that covers everything. I purchased one online and Edith, who works at Walgreens, also brought me a couple others to take on my trip, with some scarves and a list of etiquette dos and donts. Who would have thought that the quiet women who helps me select lipstick would be giving me cultural and wardrobe advice for my Middle Eastern trip. There are many kind people in our world.

PJ’s, robe, flip flops.
Work out clothes (for my room, not sure women can go to the gym).
Secure travel pouch.

All hygiene items
+Sleeping pills for plane.
+Asthma and other meds.
+Sun screen.

Other items I’m packing per Edith, my resident Islam adviser:
Light make-up.
Several changes of dark colored, no skin showing, long sleeved, high neck clothing to be worn with my abaya.
Close-toed shoes and black socks.
Assorted head scarves.

Don’t pack
Any fashion magazines with sexy images, they will be seen as porn.
or wear any religious symbols.

Office equipment:
Two computers (these computers with non removable batteries suck).
Nightlight for reading.
Chargers and conversion adapters.
Cell phone with international service activated.
WiFi card.
Ether net cables.
Flash drive with presentation on it.
2 Back ups of presentation on DVD. One in carry on, one in suitcase.
2 Print outs of presentation. One in carry on, one in suitcase.
2 Print outs of speaker intro. One in carry on, one in suitcase.
Legal pads.
Computer remote.
Bose head phones.
Power pens.

Passport and Visa.
Business cards.
Gift for host.
Reading glasses.
Distance glasses.
Watch and minimal jewelery.
Couple copies of my book.
Energy bars.
Provide travel itinerary to my assistant and family members.
Travel folder with print outs of all travel and meeting details.
Neck pillow.
Cash/travelers checks.
My good luck charm.

New York City Trip
Drop off extra suitcase with winter clothing, boots, coats at FedEx to ship to NYC hotel.

I’ll be covering my trip in the Oddpodz marketing blog too. So check it out for some global trends and ideas.

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