Over a month ago I committed to write in my blogs daily. To date, I’ve kept my promise. In a previous post,  I recited 10 ways to make blogging easy. It’s a good post and the advice does work. Until you have a night like tonight.

I’ve been deep into the book writing and felt very stuck – I shared that with you yesterday. Today, I was almost in the flow zone, then at 9PM had unexpected company, opened a bottle of wine, it’s midnight, chapter not finished, and no blog post in sight.

The #10 way to make blog writing easy is my friend and savior tonight. It’s called the excuse card. I don’t use often, especially when you commit to your readers.  But if you must use it, at least make the excuses are creative.

Here goes .  . . four excuses for my lameness

  • My dead dog Maxie (who lives in dog heaven) flew in for the night and ate my  notebook with my blog draft on it.
  • Loss track of time, I’ve been on the phone with Tiger Woods advising him on how to get his brand back.
  • Someone slipped a mushroom on my pizza, I hate mushrooms and now I’m hallucinating.
  • I’m part human and really sorry to disappoint you.

Anyhow tomorrow is a new day. I will do my best to get unstuck on the book and and write a distant blog for you.

For more life balance, view our ta-do list.

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