WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) one of our favorite resources announced that John Moore another super star Oddpod in our souls is joining the WOMMA force as WOM Enthusiast! John will serve as their chief evangelist to help generate excitement and acceptance for the practice of word-of mouth marketing (WOM) and for WOMMA’s educational and advocacy services on behalf of WOM practitioners.

John will also be a regular contributor to The WOMMA Word, and he’ll also be a presenter at WOMM-U. You can find him everyday at his new blog, All Things WOM.

If you have not visited the WOMMA site or participated in their events, you are missing out on a ton of valuable ideas and case studies. I first discovered WOMMA when I was writing my regular Fast Company column. I was invited to one of their first conferences. It was in Orlando and amazing. In fact, I clearly remember writing my story and citing the word of mouth example of a Disney hotel with Wi-Fi that didn’t work. And how every there told at least 10 people and we were all very grumpy about the technobump experience. I’m sure they have corrected that by now, shucks time fixes a lot of brand misteps.