“Do not panic. This is not the revolution. But you should pay attention and find your Place on Facebook. Your business or place may not be in Facebook Places, and that means someone else can define you in this giant network of mobile users.

Facebook’s making a play for geo-location dominance. It’s not revolutionary because others are already here. But Facebook has a large and growing audience, and that means more people will start using this and you need to think about how that affects your social profile as a business, an event or a movement.

If you depend heavily on social outreach, then get to know Facebook Places, “Facebook blog: Who, What, When, and Now…Where”.

As you may know, when social networks integrate geo-location, we get social navigation. Games and check-ins through apps by Gowalla and Foursquare allow mobile and smart device users to announce their location with quips or to search for friends, deals at restaurants and collect cute stamps in their profile.

Whether this is a business or a feature is debatable.

What is not debatable is that Facebook just launched a geo-location enhancement that immediately has an audience of 100 million users, according to Facebook on Feb. 10, “Facebook Mobile: 100 Million and Growing,” .

Find whether your place is on Facebook Places.

If it’s there, check the accuracy and completeness of the listing.

If it’s not there, make an entry immediately. Any user can create an entry on Facebook Places, and it starts with adding a name and a description of the Place. So if you’re business is a restaurant, imagine someone adding your Place but getting the name wrong or not giving your menu a good review.

In all likelihood, you’ve been paying close attention to how your location appears in the current geo-location social apps. If you fit this category, then Place is just one more check on your social marketing list.

If you are just waking up to this, then go directly to Facebook Places. Check your Places profile. Make it accurate. Take care of your profile in the other apps later. You can no longer ignore social navigation. This is not the revolution, but this is your time to join mobile marketing.”

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