You’ve met one half of the founding team of Oddpodz, so allow me to introduce myself as the other half. Not the better half, maybe the taller half. I am not afraid of lions, but I find elephants intimidating. This new venture is very exciting and a tad daunting, like the prospect of eating an elephant. It is possible, though, if you do it just one bite at a time. I am ready to dig in.

I’m Jocelyn, the other founder of Oddpodz. I’ve always been an oddpod. I learned all the practical stuff in college, at work and during graduate school, but always found a way to be creative. I majored in economics, but balanced that out with art history. I worked in finance and became an Excel whiz, but liked spending time making our marketing materials prettier than, and different from our competitors. I went to business school full time, but also took graphic design classes at night.

My imagination, creativity and risk taking have served me well, thus far. My latest bet has paid out handsomely. I left the northeast and everything familiar to follow a horse to Tampa, FL. People said I was crazy. I was born and raised in New Jersey then spent my 20’s living and working (mostly working) in New York City. I love trying new things, learning new stuff, offbeat humor and meeting interesting characters. That’s what I hope to do here.

By the way, the elephant is delicious.