Most of us are familiar with the 4 elements of a successful marketing mix.

1) product

2) place

3) price

4) promotion

I do agree that these 4 are essential. But without with this last one,  you are merely a marketing wish.

Although it does not begin with a “P” it begins with a “C” for crucial and it is called “critical mass” – a must have in many business models. Sometimes in the beginning, it’s even more powerful than revenues.

5) Critical mass is defined as the cross over number of energy cells, beings, guests or humans compared to it’s physical space.

  • A restaurant earns this mark when the parking lot is full and the dining rooms are jam-packed.
  • An online property gets this status of a worthy place when there is social evidence of visitors, followers, tweets, FB like this and comments.
  • A mail order business proves it’s popular by sharing testimonials and back orders on hot items.
  • A seminar feels more powerful when the room is tight with chattering participants.
  • A retail store bustles and creates a demand attitude when there are lines out the door, traffic and activity inside.
  • A trade show exhibits true networking when it is wall to wall with booths and bodies.

Sometimes this transpires naturally. Sometimes one must use a little Hollywood technique to convince the masses that this is the place to be.

It is mental. It is physiological. It is really important.

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