Part of our morning routine is to read blogs and other news sources for tidbits of information to pass along to our audience.

This post over at the Creative Generalist made our day. It is a great example of creativity and context. We’re not going to explain it here. You must read for yourself.

After we finished laughing, we got to thinking about how this masked furball’s adaptability to business these days. We’ve all heard the reports of gloom and doom and a recession. After you’ve dodged the falling pieces of sky, take a look at the products and services that you offer. If markets and margins are shrinking where you’ve been doing business, perhaps it’s time to reinvent your messaging or offering to take advantage of new opportunities. Believe it or not, they’re out there. We will be keeping an eye out for them and posting them here, too.

Please, if a raccoon can do all this imagine what you can do!