1 – In 5 inspirational ideas and 2 revelations from an adventure to Chicago, the Branding Diva, Karen Post, shares with us a bunch of branding principles that hit her while enjoying her time in Chi-town. Among these tips, you will find her insights on concept such as distinction, packaging or the use of metaphors.

Make sure you read Karen’s article here.

2 – In Are you missing a great opportunity, Karen interviews her fellow personal branding expert Dan Schawbel about his international bestseller career book Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future. Together, they go over their thoughts on Personal Branding in one’s career and Dan highlights what’s really important such as finding your niche, empower your interpersonal skills and many other tips that you can’t miss.

Watch the video of Karen and Dan’s conversation here.

3 – In A secret to scoring sales that so many avoid like root canals, Clint Babcock remains us that there is no wasted time in targeting the top in anything you do. To picture this powerful concept, Clint gives us the example of a sales manager and shows us a way to reach your goals aiming for the top. Great insights, thanks Clint!

Learn from Clint’s ideas here.

4 – In Does your business card scream “I’m broke, clueless or stuck in 1980”?, Karen, once again, gives us great pieces of advice concerning business branding. Here, she focuses on the look of a powerful business card. This piece of paper is worth millions if you invest in it. Make sure it is professional and representing you effectively following Karen’s tips.

Create a professional business card from Karen’s experience starting here.

5 – In Supply is infinite, time is finite. Here’s how to leverage both, Thomson Dawson deals with a question that any real entrepreneur and business professional has once asked himself: “How (the hell) will I do all this in one day?”. Thomson tells us that it is not about how many hours you work in your day that truly matters, yet it is the extent to which you release your potential within a given period of time. On personal basis, this post made me think a lot! Thanks Thomson!

Read Thomson’s insights here.

6 – In her Book review – “Tribes” by Seth Godin, Jocelyn Ring gives us her feelings and takeaways after her reading of this must-have book: “Tribes” by Seth Godin. From the definition of a tribe to the role and behavior of a true leader, Jocelyn got it all. One of the best business book of the past decade is given to you in 12 key points.

Make sure you go over Jocelyn’s review here.

A lot of insights have been given. Which one has been the most valuable to you and your business?

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