In today’s warp-speed, hyper-competitive marketplace, creative professionals are under enormous pressure to work faster and produce more innovative communication solutions, often with limited resources.

Some creatives have discovered that by using online creative collaboration services like Octopz, they can become more flexible and responsive to changing client demands. In this article, we take a look at some of the benefits of using Octopz for online collaboration and how progressive creatives can use this innovative service to become more valuable to clients and gain a head start on their competitors.

What is Octopz?
Octopz is advanced online collaboration software designed for and used by creative and media professionals who are looking for a robust online collaboration service that can handle documents, images and dynamic media like video, audio and animation files.

Octopz enables creative professionals to create secure online shared spaces where team members can meet and exchange ideas, brainstorm around documents and digital media, prototype and iterate, and deliver innovative solutions to pressing problems and new opportunities no matter where they are located and what time zone they work in.

Octopz works inside your web browser, so there is no software to download and install in order to take advantage of its simple and secure design and use it’s comprehensive feature set.

What can you do with Octopz?
In a nutshell, you can use Octopz to:

  • View and mark up files quickly, easily and securely, including documents (proposals, briefs, presentations, project plans, scripts) and digital media (photos, video, sound, animation)
  • Collaborate with clients, colleagues or suppliers, at the same time (synchronously) and at the individual’s convenience (asynchronously) whether they are down the hall or around the world.
  • Use text messaging, voice and video conferencing, markup and annotation tools right within Octopz to enhance communication and collaboration.

How much does it Cost?
For $99/month, a single license of Octopz allows you to use all the features and capabilities of the software. You can create an unlimited number of rooms and invite an unlimited number of users to collaborate online. Invited users do not have to purchase their own licenses to participate in your Octopz rooms and projects.Distinguish yourself
Creatives who deliver strong work (output, content) and emphasize their expertise in the collaboration process while using effective online collaboration services will be able to break out of the services-as-commodity trap that is a constant threat to creative professionals. They will also build a distinguishing advantage in today’s crowded marketplace for professional creative services.

Start collaborating with Octopz today