My life is no 1990 mini van. In fact, I’d call it a pretty luxury, high performance sports car. I’m independent,  spontaneous and usually driving in 5th gear in the fast lane. I’m grateful for all that!

  • My boss is me.
  • No one, but me limits my pay check.
  • I like all my clients and friends a whole lot, or I kick em under the bus.
  • And I can have fun every single day.

All of this is a product of choice and being a very happy entrepreneur.
If you are not experiencing this, here’s four key mindsets I’ve been embracing that are making a huge difference in my pile of fruit and enjoyment of life.

The sad thing is I don’t remember any teacher, school course or professor ever telling me about them.  If they would have and I jumped on them 20 years sooner, my life might look different. Maybe I’d be just playing tennis, going to movies, writing screen plays in the sand and depositing checks from all my passive income.

These mindsets are as important as understanding accounting,  mastering operations and being a marketing maniac.

1) Leverage everything you can.
Every contact, every hour, every ounce of brain juice you have. Leverage means maximize the outcome from the investment.

Is there a contact you have who can open a door, ask them!
Is your price too low because you don’t believe your worth it, change that!

2) Recycle and repurpose everything you can.
Every idea, every experience, every proposal, every block of content.

Got an old idea, spin it differently!
Got a proposal for some work you didn’t get,
modify it and pitch someone else!

3) Be your own best friend.
Take care of you and everyone will benefit too. This is not selfish, it’s smart. Treat yourself, pay yourself, don’t put up with stuff you don’t like, change it because you deserve the best and nothing less.

Get a massage, low on cash,  find a massage school, it under $20 bucks!
Take a mental health day and celebrate it like they named a national holiday after you!

4) Be you. No matter what.
Who cares how other people do it or what they believe. That’s their story and their world, not yours. Don’t break laws, do pay your taxes and be respectful.

I get turned on by calculated risk. I don’t like holidays, I don’t eat mushrooms and will not tolerate whinny/poor me people. I won’t go to a baseball game, so don’t invite me. I like the sport, but not the idea of a ball flying at my face.  I have a high standard for my quality of life. I love being around great design, eating sushi and meeting and paling up with inspirational, smart, creative minds.

That’s a little about me. Who are you?

Make it a great day!

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