Long time, no speak. I’ve been working on a new book idea along with my other responsibilities. When I get in that deep thinking creative zone, sometimes my blogging gets put on the back burner. Sorry.

It’s been four years since my last published work, Brand Turnaround, and 11 years since Brain Tattoos. Wow, time flies.

The good news is that I’ve decided what I’m going to write about next. This is the first – and sometimes the hardest – step in getting a new book rolling. I once heard from a fellow business buddy that said the best book ideas, speeches, and message platforms he ever produced came from things that bugged the heck out of him, or frustrated him big time. He also explained that he then would come up with solutions to change that thing or situation to take it from challenging to rewarding. According to him, that’s the book you should write.

As a brand expert, business owner, and a consumer, one of my big peeves is how everything has gotten so darned complicated. It’s challenging enough that the world is so noisy, and busy. It can really overwhelm a person. Then add information overload and complexity on top of that… There must be a better way.

That will be the essence of my next book; how to simplify business, brands, and communication. By getting rid of the deadweight in your business, your customers will feel more joy, less stress, and will experience an awesome brand journey while doing business with you. I’m just now finishing up my book proposal which I hope to get from my literary agent in the next two weeks. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Speaking of simple brands…
I recently discovered a very cool company called Hellofresh. They deliver convenience in a very simple way. Their business model is a subscription service that allows busy people to cook great gourmet and healthy meals at home with fresh ingredients, minus the shopping and finding the recipe. Most recipes are under 700 calories.

That will definitely be an example in my new book as a simple brand that turns a challenge (time shortage) into a wonderful customer experience (awesome meals at home). It’s an alternative to takeout food, dining out, or the stress and waste that comes with buying groceries to cook.

Hellofresh was one of the first players in this space. Since their launch in 2012 several other similar businesses have emerged in the US and abroad.

The way the process works is that every week customers receive a chilled meal-kit box with just the right amount of ingredients and recipes for three fabulous meals. Besides the concept, it’s a great deal too. There are no contracts. They simply bill you $69 a week for two people or you can up your order to four people. The kits include everything you need save except for basics like olive oil, milk, sugar, or salt, and the delivery fee is included. It’s a deal, and it’s a lot of fun. It makes me feel like Martha Stewart’s younger sister.

The company is based in Berlin and was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs. Just a few years ago they were a very small business shipping out of their living rooms. Originally, each meal box was accompanied by hand-written recipes from family and friends. Today, they’ve raised nearly $200 million dollars, ship over a million meal-kits a month, and operate in the U.S., UK, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Austria, and Belgium.

Their branding is simple and brilliant.

  • Simple and direct name and logo
    •  The imagery expresses: at your door, greeted with a smile, and fresh delicious food.
  • Friendly packaging and meal instructions
    Both express the brand personality, fresh, relaxed and friendly.

How simple brands do less and provide more 3

  • Welcoming, easy to navigate, and informative website. The others don’t have a period
  • Excellent customer service
    • They have phone support answered by real people, who are extremely nice, helpful, and English-speaking.
    • And as a bonus, inside your delivery box they gift you with curated special offers from partner companies.

How simple brands do less and provide more 4

Hellofresh delivers on a simple brand promise: Fresh meals at home.

If you want to try Hellofresh use this code UUWMLZ when you check out. You’ll receive $40.00 off your first order. Which means you can serve three great meals for two for $29.00, instead of the usual $69 a week.

Brand on!