…to us!

We launched the first version of our Oddpodz site and our blog in 2006. We will have to put together a retrospective. That will be a hoot!

We are thisclose to being able to rattle off another list of accomplishments (and the aforementioned retrospective), so we’ll save that for another time in a week, or so.

In the meantime, and for a trip down memory lane, here’s last year’s “birthday card” to ourselves.

We launched the very first version of our Oddpodz site, our Odditeaz line and our blog on July 1, 2006. We can’t believe another year has gone by. We also can’t believe how much we’ve achieved. We’re not bragging or nothin’ (yes, we know, nice grammar), but our team of THREE has done A LOT in a year. Just one example, we pulled this giant rabbit out of a tiny hat.

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Some other brief highlights:

*Introduced Zo to the world
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*Designed and produced 65 styles of shirts for man, woman, child and canine.
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*Created and sent out 40, plus installments of our ezine, Openeyez

*Brainstormed and built our online community, the Muzeum
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*Met some cool new people and made new friends

*Got the word out – now more than a few people know who we are

*Chronicled our growth (and growing pains) in Fast Company

*Welcomed new enrolled citizens

*Learned some really cool things and heard great ideas from our very talented citizens (THANK YOU)

*Hosted a slogan and design contest from 1,000 plus submissions.

*Relocated the corporate HQ from Tampa, FL to Savannah, GA (aka the “Creative Coast”)
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*Revamped our front page and fine tuned our Oddpodz vision

*Experienced many a sleepless night

*Stayed flexible

*Learned from our mistakes (picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and started all over again)

*Started each day with more enthusiasm than we had the day before

On that note, we’d like to take a moment to pat ourselves on the back. OK, moment’s over. More importantly, we want to thank you for your support and belief in Oddpodz. While we know we’ve accomplished a great deal, we’re not resting on any laurels. We are still working hard to achieve our grand vision for our global nation of creatives. We’re excited to have you along on this exhilarating ride. Oddpodz is a work in progress, and we appreciate your input.

As we blow out the candle on our cake, we won’t tell you our wish, but we will say we’re looking forward to many more birthdays and hope you’ll join us in celebrating.