My wish list for the Branding Diva is fairly simple: make my projected profit numbers, live a high standard life, beat most of my opponents in tennis, have fun, stay healthy and earn the #1 organic search result on Google. The first five I mastered and was not surprised. The last one (a pleasant surprise) happened this last quarter.

I earned the #1 spot in Google results under Branding Speaker.

So how did I do that?
I did not invest any money with an SEO specialist or ranking company.
I did not call Google and beg.
I did not do the search result dance around a bonfire.

Here’s what I did.
The 10 steps that got me the #1 listing on Google for Branding Speaker.

  1. I did my own keyword research.
  2. I added as many of these keywords into my web copy as I could.
  3. I updated my meta tags.
  4. I secured my URL for more than three years.
  5. I tagged all my images with ALT tags.
  6. I wrote relevant keyword content and posted it everywhere, creating links back to my site.
  7. I set up and tagged all of my videos on YouTube which is owned by Google.
  8. I repurposed every piece of content I ever wrote and posted it everywhere.
  9. I set up all of my social media that link to my site.
  10. I set up RSS feeds on my site.

If it worked for me, it can work for you. Good luck!

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