operator, international calling

Many small businesses, including mine, have opted for Internet phone service. It’s cost effective and works fine for local calls and if you enjoy chatting online to solve your issue.

Today, I had a conference with a UK company and assumed I just dial em up. Well after that did not work and after trying 4 times, my wonderful assistant reached out to customer service, which went round and round with an associate who must have skipped some of the training classes. Come to find out you must set this international feature up in advance. It took over 50 minutes to learn this, another 20 to set this up but then we needed to answer security questions that our phone guy set up and we didn’t know. Very frustrating !!

As I become more tardy to the call, I resorted to True Blue AT&T (my iphone service) hoping they have an operator I can actually speak with. Normally this would be correct, but today the 20 inches of snow everywhere had systems down. This took another 30 minutes. But alas, I can now call Paul McCartney or Bono anytime without any distress and pay only .28 cents a minute. I’m sure the Internet provider is cheaper, but I find value in live operators. Thank you AT&T.

So if you’ve got an international call on your schedule, plan ahead.

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