FREE funding tools and resources
Have a great idea, but need funding to make it happen? Oddpodz discovered a great resource that we highly recommend you check out and take advantage of these valuable FREE tools. They are called Funding Universe. They connect qualified entrepreneurs with active VC’s, angel investors and lending sources. In addition, FundingUniverse provides services to help entrepreneurs prepare for investment, such as helping them create compelling business plans and pitches, advising them on strategic business direction, and preparing them for investor scrutiny. At the time of this posting they have helped over 41,060 Entrepreneurs.

FREE tools include:
Dozens of Podcasts & Webinars by Angel Investors on Raising Investment Capital (featuring Bill Payne, John May, Kala Marathi, and Will West)

  • Startups across Progressive Stages of Growth (PDF)
  • 5 Questions to Ask Angel Investors (PDF)
  • Accounts Receivable financing (PDF)
  • Bill Payne’s ebook the difinitive Guide to Raising Money from Angels (PDF)
  • Tips to Setting up a New Business (PDF)
  • Secrets to Pitching an Investor (PDF)
  • 5 mistakes Entrepreneurs make when presenting to Angels (Podcast)
  • The 7 Secrets to Raising Capital (Webinar)

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Cost: FREE