Social networking gets frowns at some work places and smiles at others.
Only one in five businesses block access to social networking sites. Source: Security Park

According to McAfee Inc., only one in five businesses in Europe (21%) are blocking access to social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace in spite of the fact that IT professionals are well aware they present new security dangers.

The attitudes towards blocking access to various technologies differ across Europe. Findings revealed Sweden is the most lenient with 57% of IT professionals not limiting access for their employees. The UK came out as the strictest in Europe with just 28% not locking access.

The driving reason for most IT professionals to be concerned about these technologies is that they believe them to spread viruses (57%) and encourage spam (54%).

No frowns here, they call it Facebook Friday.
Employees at Serena Software allow staffers to social network on Fridays till their fingers hurt. It is called Social Networking Fridays. Management believes all this online connecting makes for better communicating and collaborating among all. Businessweek 11.12.07.