I’m trilled to be a part of The Florida Conference for Women on May 12th in Orlando. The event is a one-day, non-partisan education and networking event that will bring together thousands from across Florida to tackle the issues that matter most to women and empower them to impact meaningful change in their personal and professional lives.

The Conference, hosted in conjunction with the Florida Commission on the Status of Women and the FCSW Foundation, Inc., will feature internationally recognized speakers that will share their experiences and vision on issues such as business, finance, health, volunteerism, media and personal growth, among others. The event will include keynote sessions from women leaders in their respective fields, as well as dozens of breakout sessions by renowned panelists (including me, Oddpodz co-founder Karen Post) offering their insights and perspectives on a myriad issues that matter most to women. Don’t miss this awesome event and stay connect with twitter updates too. My program will be on social media and your personal brand.