Digitize your mind with PersonalBrain. This FREE personal tool lets you create and share a context-rich information environment that reflects the way you think. The FREE personal version provides a dynamic mind mapping software that lets you link your ideas, files and web pages. Files and folders are incapable of expressing the mutli-dimensional relationships and concepts that give your information intelligence and meaning. This tool changes that.

Download and try all the features for 30 days. Register and upgrade to get the ultimate performance or keep using the free edition as long as you want. There is only one download for all editions. The Pro Edition features are available for 30 days. After 30 days if an upgrade to Pro or Core has not been activated, the program automatically changes to the Free Edition as you can use that as long as you like.

Connections and relationships within your information make the difference between static content and actionable knowledge. For instance, sales personnel need to see how decision makers are connected to close a deal. Business managers need to see how brands and products fit into their industry landscape to make decisions. IT managers need to see relationships between their servers and applications to support user communities effectively. People need to understand the context of their information before taking action.

There are a million and one uses and applications for PersonalBrain. The company lists the top 12 for individual users here. Some include the following:

Brainstorming and Mind Mapping
Everyone knows how to brainstorm and many people are familiar with the concept of mind mapping where you branch out your ideas in a visual diagram. PersonalBrain takes brainstorming and mind mapping to the next level. Each concept you think of can be quickly captured with PersonalBrain and easily built upon. You can create a new Brain for each topic you need to think about and branch everything out continuously. Links between different ideas are easily handled and you can keep on growing it until you run out of ideas – you’ll never run out of space in your Brain.

Innovation and Strategic Planning
Creating a new strategy or product line can be both complex and rewarding. Building your business plan using PersonalBrain gives you a head start by letting you easily analyze all aspects of your new venture. For example, you can do SWOT analysis by creating Thoughts for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. PersonalBrain lets you quickly map out all key aspects and easily understand it all, letting you focus on new innovations and strategy.

Presenting and Capturing Your Vision
PersonalBrain’s flexible linkages and connections can capture your vision and imagination. Use your Brain to reflect on your own ideas and share your vision with others (like business prospects) PersonalBrain is an evocative presentation tool that gets your audiences’ attention for public speaking, complex ideas and business presentations.

Cost: Zero

Oddpodz review: I love this and am going to commit to mastering it.