Stocked, by three actions to improve success

OK, now that I have your attention, let me clarify my message. I’m not suggesting anyone break the law, take what is not yours or do drugs. I am though highly recommending that you start embracing these 3 moves to accelerate your business achievement.

1) Cheat time.

We all have 86,400 seconds or 24 hours in day, so how come some people get so much more done?

People that work from a plan, instead of on the fly, overwhelmingly accomplish more. If you are not a big planner, just start by setting small goals for the week a head of you. Write down your three top goals by Sunday, before your week starts. Or at least start using lists to become more productive. I’m a list junkie and share some of my best lists in our learning estore.

Don’t check your email every 2 minutes. This is a monumental, modern-day time sucker. Turn off the auto send and receive too. You will be amazed by how this one simple action can add 2 more hours to your day, every day.

Eliminate time-wasting people from your life. Don’t kill them off, just learn to say no and don’t hang out with them. If they are not adding value to your world, adios amigos! If these folks are clients, work on better qualifying them before start sharing your time and energy.

2) Steal from history.

Pay attention to patterns of other highly successful people and companies. What do they do? How do they think? What do they not do? This is one of the cheapest, most honest ways anyone can speed up their success. Read biographies about other super star entrepreneurs, listen to them being interviewed and observe their actions. Write the evidence down and apply what works to your situation. Don’t forget annual reports too. Publicly traded companies spill a lot of their beans of success, go pick them up!

3) Be an obsessive crack head.

Push one additional ounce, go the extra degree or ramp it up one tiny crack more. A hair, a second and crack is the difference between a Olympic gold metal winner and 2nd place. Become an obsessed, addict to raising the bar by a sliver more. This small distinction between mediocre and masterful is huge. Practice this discipline on everything you do, from customer service, your product quality, to a kind gesture you deliver to an employee or business relationship and also amp up own personal standards too. Be a proud crack head.

Is there anything surprising or unexpected that you’ve done to score more success recently. If so, please share.

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