I love being an entrepreneur

Every day I hear people complaining about their jobs. They don’t like what they do. They don’t like their boss. They don’t like the hours and schedules required of them and they don’t think they are paid enough.

Sure leaving this faux sense of security of being employed can seem scary. And oh yeah, being responsible and accountable for all your actions is a serious and sometimes not easy commitment.

Most of us live in America. The land of the free. No one has a gun next tot your head, who says you have to be employed. We can all make choices to break away from the employment muck zone to being an enterprising entrepreneur where you control your destiny.

If you hate your job or you know someone who does, there is one person to blame. YOU or THEM!!

Monday is Valentines Day. A holiday of celebrating love, admiration and passion. These are all available when you are an entrepreneur. If you are not entrepreneur yet, join us. If you are, then celebrate everyday the greatest place to be in the world.

21 reasons why I love being an entrepreneur!

  1. My actions ans choices decide my paycheck
  2. I can play tennis at 2PM
  3. Or work until midnight
  4. Or start at 9AM
  5. I can wear sweats and tennis clothes everyday
  6. I can’t get fired
  7. I can try crazy ideas
  8. I can invest in lifetime learning or anything for that matter
  9. I can pick my support team
  10. I can fire my support team
  11. I can break rules
  12. I can make rules
  13. I can go to the movies at 4
  14. I an eat pizza at 10 AM at my desk
  15. I can give my self a raise
  16. I can buy a new company car
  17. I can change my mind
  18. I can pick my clients
  19. I can take vacations when I want
  20. I can start a new business
  21. I can work hard, or I can hardly work

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