Birthday celebration

Tomorrow, Feb. 12th, is my birthday and I’m looking forward to it. After working on my new book for most of the day (deadline getting nearer), I’m going to the theater to see Billy Elliot, the musical, and then dinner with my mom. Should be very nice.

I will also check the mail and find some thoughtful cards from my pals and relatives. And I’ll get a handful of calls, emails, Facebook posts or text messages from my digital buds. All is good.

Then the marketing birthday wishes start to accumulate. I always find this interesting, because every year the number of cards and gifts increases. These range from hand signed cards from companies I’ve never heard of and don’t do business with, to free dinners, gift cards and special deals from companies I do patronize.

It’s always nice when someone or a company remembers your b-day, even if it is a computer.

Jocelyn the co-founder of Oddpodz also has a b-day this weekend, on the 13th of February, hope it’s a great one!

Do you have a way to remember your customers’ special days? It can be a fairly low cost, high value touch point.

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