Traveling through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport? Here’s something you should know.

I never thought I would ever in my life want to schedule extra time at an airport so I could dine at amazing restaurant.

It happened. I was on my way to Africa this week to speak on branding for government programs at the Brand Journalists’ Association of Nigeria awards dinner. The event was honoring two extraordinary branding enthusiasts and leaders: the Governor of Imo, Chief Ikedi Ohakim, who has pioneered branding in government programs and Professor Dora Akunyili, former Minister of information and communications for the country, who is dedicated to changing the perceptions of her land.

In route, my cinematographer Andrew and I had a three-hour layover and accidentally stumbled upon One Flew South, a brilliant eatery that touts travel-inspired provisions. This restaurant is located at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport in the international flights section at Gate E and is so worth every visit and unlike any airport food experience I’ve ever had.

They break all the rules and create a memorable food journey.
To start with, One Flew South doesn’t look like it belongs at an airport. Created by Johnson Studios, the very hip, contemporary look and the design elements are all direct from Georgia, blond distressed, wooden floors, marble table tops and a wall to wall mural of the state’s finest forest and trees.

And they have an executive chef too. That’s right, Duenne Nutter masterfully creates some of the most interesting flavors combing his heritage cuisine of Louisiana with good southern classics.

Since we knew we would soon be on the plane eating our 5 courses at midnight, we ate light and sampled four appetizers. They included: smoke trout bruschetta with goat cheese, sweet potatoes, peas and aged balsamic vinegar, pecan dusted scallops with cranberry hash and arugula sauce, lamb sausage and soy bean succotash.

The seating offered is ideal for the solo traveler and the groups of foodies.  Service is also stellar and lead by John, who is part of their management team.

This total experience is a nice surprise and was an excellent diversion to start our overseas adventure. What are you doing in your business that is unexpected?

We are onward to Lagos, Nigeria an 11-hour flight, more soon.

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