Saturday I drove from Tampa to Hilton Head. It was a 7 hour drive and a good opportunity to listen to CD’s and podcasts. I stumbled upon some awesome free business ones on itunes. They were produced by Sales Gravy and truly gave me a nice kick in the butt. I highly recommend these to anyone feeling the pressure of the times and also level of self inflicted doubt. The reality is only you can bring on doubt and only you can remove it.

Jeb Blount the voice behind the message was really good. He addresses self-esteem, fears and choices in a very direct way. Which are all key factors in moving from pining to achieving results.

Jeb has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing. As a business leader he has extensive experience turning around and righting troubled organizations. He has a passion for growing people and the unique ability to see potential in everyone. Over the span of his career he has coached, trained, and developed hundreds of Sales Professionals, managers and leaders.

Beyond his podcasts, his site has a network and loads of good resources, all worth checking out. A lot of what he says you know. But he delivers it in a very compelling and inspirational style. As I was finishing the 10-12 segment series, a buddy of mine called. He was down and out and feeling very discouraged. His car broke down, his cash was almost gone and he was feeling like a big looser. I joked about him listening to the podcasts and considering pole dancing for extra cash, he was not amused and grumbled something back at me. While I feel his pain, hanging in that attitude is not going to put a deposit in his bank. Listening to to this podcast will.

I know it’s tough to smile when you feel like you are being shot at, but moving and grooving forward will significantly increase your chances of avoiding deadly bullets. Many a great successful leader felt like this, the same despair and they did not crater, they focused on action and attitude.

If being an entrepreneur was easy, everyone would be doing it.