Turn water into wine, prepare hot ice cream and tell time with a broken clock, sounds crazy? Not so, if you reinvent the way you look at the problem.

Just remove the IM our of impossible and it’s possible!

Last weekend I read the book, 106 Impossible Things Before Breakfast by Dr. Robert Quine and John Nolan, and surprisingly discovered how one can solve a lot of seemingly difficult tasks before breakfast, if you start early.

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No magic stuff here, just good, contemporary thinking with simple methods to shake up your challenge at hand.

The book is smaller than an ipad and a lot cooler than most creativity rags, because easy to digest, fast and fun—my kind of book. More than just tips, it gives you 106 before and after exercises to solve and see the process.

For example:
Grow plants without light. Seems like a tough task.

Start with solutions that reinterpret the problem.

  • Grow them without light, OK they may die, but you are still growing them.
  • Try plastic plants, add to them, that’s growing your crop.
  • Redefine what light is, is it natural, in a lab or some other way.

Then look at solutions that go around the problem.
Then look at solutions you had not thought of.
Then look at solutions that are probably impractical.

Suddenly you have a slew of new ideas.

This book taught me how to:
-reinterpret the question
-find a way to change the rules
-develop entirely new solutions
-and eliminate impractical ideas

This book is worth the pick up. Need other ideas on creativity? check out the book I wrote on A to Z, 26 ways to new ideas and more creativity.