We gave you a list of reasons why having some FREE juicy business tidbits is a viable strategy back when we launched Free Biz Findz. If you missed that article, or were still skeptical, we have have further proof. While perusing our stack of daily online reading, we found this entry “The Business Case for Giving Away Your Best Work for FREE!” on Tom Peters’ blog. So, if you didn’t listen to us, we’re sure you might think twice now. Tom Peters also has a section on his site that is dedicated to giving any visitor to his site tons of FREE business know how. Despite giving away all this free “stuff” he still sells books, consults (to paying clients) and speaks (to paying audiences). The free stuff just enhances his brand as a business expert!

So, you still don’t believe it can work. We’ve heard all the arguments against FREE as a strategy. Two of the most frequently used are: 1) if something is FREE, people will regard it as lacking value, and 2) the recipient of the free info will be able to leverage the free tidbit into something of great financial value to themselves and that the author/creator of the the FREE item in question will not be rewarded. To both, we wholeheartedly disagree.

We don’t want you to give away all of your secrets and end up penniless. We know that you can use FREE as a viable business strategy. We’re pretty sure that everyone has some valuable bullet points, tips, graphics, videos, tutorials or insight that they can share without negatively impacting their own livelihood. If we’ve learned nothing else in our days in the branding, marketing and start-up worlds, we now know the following to be true: it’s all in the execution. It is unlikely that your primer on branding will allow a reader to go out and do a kick-ass job overhauling and relaunching a brand. So, if you have something that you can give away that positions you as an expert, peopale will probably remember you as such. Then, after they’ve read, seen, heard, interacted with what you’ve put out into the universe for FREE, they might just tap you to help them execute the next project or deal which you’ve proven you can readily tackle.

We are constantly compiling and reviewing the best of free biz stuff out there. Do you have a free offer that you would like us to review? Feel free to leave it in the comments section or send us an email at info