For all the workaholics who believe the only way to create success is to work really hard for it, this may be a challenging idea for you. It simply goes against the grain of conventional wisdom – people who don’t work hard will achieve very little in life.

At first glance, you’re probably thinking how can one achieve more and work less? It seems counter-intuitive, and it goes against the grain of conventional wisdom-people who don’t work hard, achieve very little in life. All successful people have discovered the key to success and wealth creation has very little to do with hard work.

Nature operates with ease. All the complex principals associated with life itself operate with ease. Your heart beats, your lungs breathe, the lilies don’t toil, the seasons change– all of this is going on effortlessly. And so it must be with the realization of your desires and the accomplishment of your goals. There is no need to toil through drudgery to get what you want. Actually, the very idea of toil and drudgery is counter-productive to the whole process of value creation and life success. Think about these ideas for moment:

–  hard work has absolutely nothing to do with creating success

– hard work is not the basis for success

– successful results are inversely proportional to the hard work expended

– avoiding hard work has driven all human progress

After years of banging my head against the wall, I have found the revelation that doing less, in an easy and relaxed way, is the only satisfying and fulfilling way to create desired results.

Hard work=resistance and is the opposite of flow.
First of all, no one likes to “have to” do anything. When you say I “have to” pay my bills, so I “have to” work hard to get the money… already you can sense the despair and powerlessness in the very idea of “having to” do something you naturally resist. When you “have to” do anything, you are in a state of resistance. You are fighting the natural flow by pointing yourself upstream, resisting.

After a couple of decades of this resistance, (think working hard) you can see how some people eventually burn-out, lose their perspective, lose joy, create sickness and ultimately lose life itself. No, having to work hard to get what we want is not the answer. Grinding away at something is the root cause of all disappointments in life. Turn this idea around.

Discover and pursue your path of least resistance.
What do you love? I mean really love! What do you like to “play at”? What are you effortlessly good at? What activity excites you to an extent that when you are engaged in it, you actually lose your awareness of time? Think about these questions deeply.

Within this idea of “play” is the seed of joyous, easy, relaxed, natural, lazy creation. There is no working when you are engaged in an activity you feel you were born to do. If you have an idea that you love to play with, do you force yourself to play with it? Of course not. You are naturally drawn to it. You are lovingly engaged in it. Things are easy. There is no work involved and the results of your creation seem almost miraculous.

Your whole life must reflect what you are naturally drawn to do. It is essential to achieving your heart’s desire. Do not trade one more second of your precious life energy working hard at achieving your goals. Discover your greatest gifts that have been with you since the day you were born and use them to create value (and wealth) in an easy and relaxed way!  Everything you need to create your success is already within you–even the permission to follow your path of least resistance.

Any useful idea that has elevated the life experience of humans has come about because humans want to avoid having to do hard work.
All our innovations throughout history have been created to make life easier and better. Hard work is counter-productive to the direction of growth and life expanding. Hard work shuts off the flow of creative, inspired energy. Hard work is not in alignment with the laws of creation. Nature creates in an easy and relaxed way. You are made of the same stuff and this natural law applies to you wittingly or unwittingly. You will never became healthy, wealthy and wise:

– keeping your nose to the grindstone

– pushing the ball uphill

– working your fingers to the bone

– going to a salt mine

– spending the day with a slave driver

There is an easier, lazy, do nothing way to create the life you have always desired. You must engage yourself in what you love, play and have fun. Play with everything. If it’s not fun, and feels like hard work, you are decreasing your potential for creating massive success in your life. Align your focus and attention to only that which you love. Then find partners who love doing the activities you resist doing. When you put it all together, you will take a quantum leap in your power to create what you desire.

Enjoy (playing) through action (doing what you love) what you create through your thoughts (your life vision).

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