The main goal of any kind of marketing is to attract and retain a growing base of satisfied customers.  In order to accomplish this for a tradeshow, you need to create and implement a marketing plan that fits the needs of your company while catering to a trade show clientele.  Here are some tips to help you market and promote your next tradeshow event like a pro:

Advanced promotion builds early support.

Remember to include all necessary “who, what, where, why, when” info on all marketing material.  Also, be sure to include your booth number.

  1. Provide tradeshow information on your website and/or blog
  2. Send a printed or E-newsletter to current clients
  3. Keep small fliers and business cards on hand to give to people you meet
  4. Use social media marketing tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to spread the word
  5. Write your own press release and email to media outlets in the location of the tradeshow

Fun and memorable incentives go a long way.
Promote your tradeshow event with a prize drawing or some sort of contest.  The prizes don’t have to be expensive, but they should be “on brand” and align with your company’s offering and brand persona.  They can be practical merchandise like a re-usable grocery bags, nap sacks sporting your company logo, with an assortment of goodies (vinyl decals, pens, and mugs) in it.

Readability and functionality draw the crowd.

Making it easy for booth visitors to get information is important.  Tradeshow booth displays should be professional and efficient when conveying your messaging.  Booth graphics should reflect bold, simple and easy to read messages.

  1. Your headline is the introduction to your tradeshow booth.  Creating a simple and catchy  headline is the first step to luring clients.  A short headline will allow for a larger size font enabling messaging to reach far into the crowd.  Full color headlines can easily be printed on vinyl hanging banners and displayed using banner stands or other display systems.
  2. Choosing the right typeface is also important. If possible, choose the same typeface as the rest of your marketing material and stick to that one typeface throughout your booth (for overall consistency).
  3. Provide information at a glance using portable signs.  That way potential customers can learn about your products/services, prices, and other information even if you are helping someone else.

Promotional literature is good on the go.
It’s better to have too much promotional material than not enough.  People will want to take these materials home to review later and to share with others.  Some essential promo materials include brochures, fliers, business cards, price sheets and order forms.  In addition, having press kits available can make promoting your business easy for the media.

People like to be remembered and thanked.
Follow up promptly. Make sure to update your mailing list with all your new contacts.  Then, follow up on all these contacts and leads as soon as possible.  A quick follow up could put your company name ahead of the rest.  And, don’t forget to thank any press writers who published information about your company.

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