by Karen Post, a.k.a. The Branding Diva®

It’s Ad Wednesday.
The hump day that shares the brilliant!Brilliant! and the bad (roadkill)Road kill ads from around the planet.

This Mug does not make you want to buy the man.
Known by many as the modern day Godfather of sales, my pal Jeffrey Gitomer has done some amazing things. His business empire had humble beginnings, he started as an entrepreneur selling t-shirts from his car. Today, he is an international best-seller, author of at least 10 books I can name and has a stable of other product and learning services. His branding and all of his marketing messaging has always been consistent. He’s an in your face, confident and funny guy with a down to earth delivery. I’ve been receiving his weekly Sales Caffeine ezine, which is full of great selling ideas and resources for years. It’s worth checking out This week as I scroll down an ad jumps out at me. Creepy!

Jeffrey Gitomer adThe image looks downright scary! Like someone who flew over two cuckoo’s nests. Can’t argue it got my attention, but did it project a brand of trust? Photos matter. I don’t think this is Gitomer’s best look.

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