Here’s a unique marketing idea that would never get considered because politics is where unique ideas go to die:

In February Barack Obama raised $55 million. Hillary raised $35 million. It’s a good bet that a great deal of that money will be spent in Pennsylvania on TV ads and boxes of glazed donuts for old people playing bingo. Well, what if one of the candidates used a huge portion of that money to go down to the local Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or Intercourse unemployment office and hired a bunch of the almost five percent (and rising) of Pennsylvanians who are out of work to, in the name of their campaign, fix up the communities in which said unemployed workers live? The good will would be completely beyond reproach of the other candidate, and (maybe) genuinely do some good for people and a place that needs it. Furthermore such a bold, unconventional act would certainly generate a great deal of free and positive press from journalists dying to cover some other aspect of this un-ending election.

Could it hurt?