Fear of not getting it right? Fear of falling into a pigeon hole because of content subject matter? Fear of no spell check in the blog software and I am a published writer? It is a pre-holiday day and most of my friends are not working, why should I be? Or, maybe it’s so difficult because I am just plain tired. After all, for the last 6 months, I have been working about 20 hours a day, taking a dream and trying to turn it into a real deal. And yesterday it happened. Oddpodz and Odditeaz launched. Two baby ventures were born.

Someone once told me when you see a big ass lion and you are scared to death, don’t run from it. Face it head on and he will likely not hurt you. If you run from him, he will chase your slower butt down and have a nice snack.

OK, so here goes. I’m Karen. One of the founders of Oddpodz. Many of my friends and colleagues call me the Branding Diva because I love branding, marketing and anything creative. I have been fortunate that my life has brought me many cool opportunities. Owning a great ad agency for twenty years, being a professional speaker and a published author.

I am a card carrying oddpod. I have a huge imagination and thought a community dedicated to folks like me would be a blast. I have some left brainer friends and certainly do business with that crowd. Some get this oddpod thing and others are clueless. That’s OK.

The sites and blog are about having fun, exchanging opinions, learning from others, getting inspired and just sounding off when something bugs you. There’s no set agenda. No content rules. Just random whatevers. Look forward to lots of good dialogue and new connections with other oddpodz.

by Branding Diva