A few months ago, we posted a question of the week that went something like this:

This question comes to us from our pal, Carrie:

I am a graphic designer and I had to work in a “cross-functional team” at my office. I had to work with people from accounting to develop a new logo. Don’t ask me why. Here’s my question.

Why is it so hard for two intelligent people to communicate and translate a creative idea into words they both understand? Has anyone done so successfully?

(I know we’ve all been there, how do you deal with this?)

You can read the rest of the post and a few good comments here

Update (08.12.08) DARN! The video linked to below is no longer available! We’ll leave the link up in case AgencyLifer reposts it.

Over the weekend, we came across this video that shows why executives shouldn’t tell he creative department how to design. If you’ve been on either side of this “cross-funcitonal team” you will get a chuckle out of this. Enjoy!

Here’s another funny one about everyone’s favorite gigantic company, Microsoft.

Video: Microsoft redesigns iPod packaging