State is a place you choose to be. This past week my state was questionable. I let a few goofy thoughts enter my brain and they had a direct impact on my output.

I chatted with my Tony Robins coach, Jayne, about this situation and she reminded me of the time I walked on fire and I didn’t burn one toe. I pulled that off because I was in a very intense state of mind – like a soldier on the front lines, an Olympic athlete in the game of their life. That night I was 500% focused on my mission. I could see the end of hot coals before I took one step forward. I was rock solid with confidence and felt there was nothing I could not do. I chanted. I talked to myself more than normal.

I can’t officially tell you this next part, because by doing so, it cracks the state I am in now until I finish my book. So I will only elude to this historic thing.  Ah, better idea, I will speak about a person I once knew.

There was a great writer who was awarded a plum assignment, because she knew her stuff inside and out. Instead of cranking out the goods, she surrendered her mental state to thoughts of question and doubt. She pondered way too long trying to write the perfect sentence, instead of pouring out what she knew, like her name. She wasted precious time and invited stress and all its kids to move in. Summary – big freaking waste of everything. Life, time and brain cells.

Today, a new writer showed up.

She was militant. She broke down big scary goals into small pieces of cupcake bites. She felt like Iron woman, Super diva and Queen of everything. She got back into exactly how she felt walking on that fire that night in Chicago and felt a powerful new strength. Within 60 minutes, she was in the flow zone and writing like a machine.

Every human has the ability to get into this state, if you want it bad enough. It is a mental drill. It is a dominating, dictator mindset, a take no prisoners attitude. Wussies not apply.

If distractions show up in your head, shrink them all down to small little crumbs, so you can’t even see them.
If voices start babbling, turn the volume button completely off, so you can’t hear them at all.
If you see something that looks bold, bright and scary, make it black and white, so it fades into nothing.

Getting into full State works with anything you want to accomplish, sales, writing, performing and sports.

Look out Saturday morning tennis opponent,  I am Venus William’s alter ego and I am here to win!

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