Kristen’s post about what helps her get in the creative groove made me think about a time in my life when I lived in the groove. We all probably felt more creative when we were younger. Remember when you were armed with crayons, fingerpaint, chalk or watercolors and you fearlessly put what was in your head down on your canvas of choice? Or, when you would belt out tunes in music class with no inhibitions. What about when you came up with your own theories on things, or just said what was on your mind? As we get older something happens to our moxie. I’m still glad I learned reading, writing and ‘rithmetic, but I found school rewarded creativity less and less as I progressed from grade to grade.

I came across a speech by Sir Ken Robinson on Broken Bulbs. It’s a great speech about creativity, education and innovation. I found it very entertaining and inspirational. Watch it and decide if you were one of those kids who used to fidget. I was.