I love oxymorons. I find their mix of contrast, clarifying. Here’s my favorite big little list.

I also have a love-hate relationship with waiting things.

I’m in New York City and while I love this city, the waiting for most things, I hate. It grades on my patience account.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve waited a lot, for my luggage, to be seated, for my coat, for a cab, for an Internet connection, for a phone signal, for an appointment, for the hotel engineer, to get service and to even pay for what I wanted to buy.

On the back end of waiting for all of these things, fortunately came good rewards and benefits that I did in fact want and desire. So I suppose it was worth the wait.

I don’t think I’m alone with this down opinion of waiting. Unless I was waiting for a call from the IRS for an audit, or a my one way ticket off the earth, then waiting is looking better.

In our society we as consumers are conditioned to get lots of things fast, some even immediately. I like that. Because I’m really not a patient person, even though I do wait patiently. Verses the screaming guy or gal who looses it after 30 seconds of waiting.

Technology is responsible for this speed of delivery, until you are put on hold for technical support, which is a nightmare even if it’s during the day.

It seems like with all this waiting, there should be some opportunities here too. It’s likely your competition is not even thinking about this stuff, because they are waiting for other stuff.

Here are ideas you don’t need to wait to do.

  • If your customers have to wait, why not make it a fun experience, entertain them, teach them something.
  • If your customers have to wait, why not pamper them in some way. A soothing environment small treat goes a long way to shorten the reality of waiting time.
  • If your customers have to wait, provide something that engages them to participate in your brand experience. This can be accomplished with media, sensory elements or human conversation.

Watching paint dry is never fun. Watching a masterpiece being created by an artist is amazing.

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