That is the question. Some of you are asking it now, some have already answered it.

In these times of uncertainty – will I have this job next week? will I have to take out a third mortgage to pay for my daily commute to the office? can I get a third mortgage? – some choose to explore making the jump from working for the man to working for thyself. We found a couple of links with things to consider when making such a decision. They are also worth perusing if you’re already out on your own.

1. A reason we are glad we don’t have to commute. Public transportation is cheaper than driving oneself, but being able to skip THIS is worth singing for our own supper.

2. A list of over 100 reasons that some think Freelancing is the cats meow. Take a look, then come back here and tell us what you think.

3. If the list above has convinced you to hang out a shingle, you should still ask yourself these questions that we found over at How to achieve Freedom and how to avoid a Personal Branding Prison. Also, check out our discussion on the importance of Personal Branding (in the Forum).